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April 28 - May 4, 2024

What is it about?

Are you interested in the healing power of plants and the forest? Are you dreaming of spending some time in nature to relax and take care of yourself?

Our week-long retreat in the northern forest of Portugal is calling you!

Through the prism of herbalism and forest therapy, we will use our senses creatively and explore the healing forces of nature.

What happens when we smell a flower or gaze at a tree canopy? What can we hear when we sit in silence by the river? How do we touch a forest and how does it touch us back? What is the taste of the plants telling us? How can we feel loved and supported, simply by being in a natural environment?

Each day, we will play and interact with one of our senses in nature. Each day, we will discover the many, emotional, spiritual and social benefits our Earth has for us. And each day, surely, we will relax, learn, laugh, and make beautiful memories.


Example of the day - Sense of the Day “Touch”

08:00 Wake up. Fresh herbal tea and local fruits.

08:30 Morning Circle in the Yoga room. 08:45 Barefoot walk at the river. Texture-Mandala crafting.

11:00 Brunch with fresh and local ingredients

12:00 Free time - Rest, dip in the natural pool, massages...

14:30 Afternoon Gathering in the Permaculture garden. 14:45 Crafting your individual herbal medicine. 17:00 Closing circle.

19:00 Dinner with fresh and local ingredient 20:00 Optional Activities: Bonfire, storytelling, dancing..

The main language of the retreat is in English but we also speak German, French and Portuguese.

Price indications

From Sunday, April 28 to Saturday May 04, 2024 (7 days/6 nights)

1 - Community Price

Double room: 750€

Single room: 990€

Triple room: 750€

2 - Supporter Price

Double room: 910€

Single room: 1150€

Triple room: 910€

3 - Sustainer Price

Double room: 1100€

Single room: 1350€

Triple room: 1110€

Questions and registrations

For questions and registration, please send an email to . We are happy to answer any of your questions and can send you the registration form through which you can reserve your spot and choose the type of room and price from our sliding price scales.

This retreat will host a maximum of 12 people which will allow us to create a safe and cozy environment for everyone.



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