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April 18 - 23, 2024

The Summer Glow retreat is a women’s retreat, designed for female Digital Nomads and those Self-employed, to offer you the opportunity to truly be present with yourself and get back in touch with your visions + goals & creativity.

This may just be the perfect opportunity to take the time you need to re-energise both physically & mentally so that you feel invigorated and ready for summer.

Amelia: Personal Development Educator, with a background in Psychology, and as a Social Media Marketing Business owner by day, I understand the need we all have to invest time in ourselves and give ourselves the opportunity to grow.

Julia: Certified yoga instructor with a love of travel and bringing people together to empower them. I am also a creative marketing specialist with a passion for helping other female entrepreneurs elevate their magnetic brands and show up with confidence online.

Together, we equally understand the need to disconnect, re-energise & re-inspire!

If this sounds like something you, you can find out more information here:


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